Vimax Pills are 100 % natural and herbal, which means that there is no side effects and the results are 100 % sure. The Vimax Pills help you to enlarge your size in length and thickness, it makes you a tiger in bed, it helps you to have control on yourself and results in good and satisfactory sex for you and for your partner. It increases your sex desire, and helps to make good relation with your partner with confidence. If you have increased stamina then you and your partner both will be satisfied with the sex. It increases your penis size naturally, and if you use these pills regularly then your sex power is boosted.

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vimax pills in pakistan
vimax in pakistan

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  • Enlarges The Penis
  • Gain 3-4 Inches In Length
  • Improves Thickness Of Penis Upto 1 Inch
  • Rock Hard Powerful Penis Every Time You Have Sex
  • Increase In Stamina
  • Pleasurable Sex For You And For Your Partner
  • Much Lube While Having Sex Makes Sex Joyable.
  • Gives You Control For Ejaculation
  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation, As You Get The Control
  • Longer And Intense Orgasms Every Time You Have Sex
  • It Is Suitable For Every Age.
  • Positive And Perfect Results After Few Days Of Use.
  • Helps To Get Creative And Try New Positions In Bed With Your Partner.
  • Improve Overall Sexual Health
  • Makes You Excited For The Sex And Romantic Moments With Your Partner
  • Have Sex Upto 3 Hours In One Night
  • Improved Sexual Appearance
  • It Fulfils Al Sexual Requirements Of Your Partner
  • Strong And Pleasurable Climax With Your Partner

The Vimax Pills that we have are the perfect answer if you want to treat your impotency and premature ejaculation. If you do not have hard penis before having sex then having the Vimax Pills will help you to get hard rock penis for the sex, which is not only pleasurable for you, but also will make your partner happy.this is best male enhancement product that you can find in the world. It is 17 year old product which has perfect results, and are 100 % natural also.

If you are upset that you cannot satisfy your partner in bed, even after long foreplay and love games, then use the Vimax Pills and change your sex life. Make yourself and your partner happy with having full control on your body while having sex. Give her the strong sex that she wants.

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We have bulks of Vimax Pills in Pakistan originally from Canada and this is why we offering these helpful Pills to our customers at such friendly rates.

Vimax Is Best Working In Both Summer And Winter Season

Vimax Is Well Suited For Ages Of 18 Years To 70 Years

Infertility And Low Sperm Count Issues

  • Package 1

    Pakistani Rupees RS. 3499 30 Pills For a Month

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  • Package 2

    Pakistani Rupees RS. 4900 60 Pills For 2 Months

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  • Package 3

    Pakistani Rupees Rs. 7500 90 Pills For 3 Months

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    Money Back Guarantee

For better results you must use the Vimax Pills along with the Canadian Original Vimax Oil,  use the oil with the pills and see the results. This oil is made from the natural herbs that help you to get control on your body faster. The Oil is for massage on the organ. The massage of this Oil helps you to have stronger erections and prevents from the Premature Ejaculation. Use this Oil with your package and see the strong results faster and Permanent. The results are notable.

Packages and Deals

See the Quick and Strong results by using both Vimax Oil and Vimax pills, place your order now and get good deals. Purchase 3 packs of Vimax Pills and get 1 Vimax Oil free. Call and place your order now! Call us on our provided numbers or even ask us for calling you.

Say goodbye to those non-satisfying nights and light up your sexual life.

  • Vimax Oil

    Pakistani Rupess Rs. 2500 Oil for 30 Days

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Fast and Strong Results

Purchase the Vimax Pills with the Oil and see the fast and efficient results with Strong Erections and Durable performances. The pills are 100% natural without any side effect. Use them as prescribed by our Physicians.

Use the Vimax Oil and the Vimax Pills daily or as recommended by our Physicians For Strong Results.

Men of 55+ Age (6 Months)

For the men who are 55 years old or are more than 55 years old should use our this package. The reason is that the usage of these pills for 1 month or more than that will not be effective on them. They should take these pills regularly for 6 months, and the benefits will be visible then only.

Free Home Delivery

Only we are the approved and the certified retailers of the Vimax in Pakistan this is why the Vimax price in Pakistan is very less from us. You can order the Vimax Pills from us at any time, we promise to deliver the Vimax Pills within 24-48 hours to you.

You can also ask us for a call and we will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours of working days.

  • Fire Package

    Pakistani Rupess RS. 11500 180 Pills For 6 Months

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    Call Us: 0310-7057802
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    Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee consists that if you are not satisfied from the results you can claim your money back and return us the product. The Vimax price in Pakistan is lesser from us, as we deliver the original Vimax in Pakistan Cash on delivery.

We also offer money back guarantee on the Vimax Original Oil for massage, so place your order now or ask our representative for Call!.

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Why Vimax Pills Are Different?

There are many different pills In the market, but what aces the makes different is that it has no side effects and promises to deliver the results. Which is satisfying for you, the results are 100% sure so there is no money wasted.

  • If you have used your hands for sex, which is making you shy in bed with your partner then Vimax Pills helps you to get confidence and penis power for sex with your partner.

Who Can Use Vimax Pills?

Everyone can use these Vimax Pills, who are willing to have longer erection, hard penis and good love relationship. This increase your sex stamina and boosts you in bed to make your partner happy than ever. If you are looking to get more stamina and increase in size then this is your perfect option.

Vimax Pills Enlarges Penis Size

The Vimax Pills are made with herbs and natural ingredients that helps your body naturally with no side effects. The Vimax Pills enlarge your penis, if you have small penis, then it will make your penis large, only if you keep eating these pills. This will make your penis to gain 3-4 inches in length and 1 inch in thickness, which means that you will have a bigger and stronger penis.

There are lots of other products and pills that say they will increase the penis size, but Vimax is the best, as its results are fast and are 100% natural with no side effects. The machines that are used to enlarge the penis sometimes gives pain and no results which is the waste of your money, and your penis gets damaged also. So keep away from those fakes, and only choose our Vimax Pills that are perfect for you. after a month of suing you will see results In the thickness and length of your penis.

Hard Penis, Long Lasting Erections And Elongated Time Period

Only by the use of the Vimax Pills you can control your penis to not ejaculate, as it solves your problem of premature ejaculation. You will get long last and hard erections for longer time periods. Along with this it gives you the confidence for trying new positions and having fun while having sex. This can help you to have sex up to 3 hours in one night.

100 % Natural Ingredients

The Vimax Pills that we have are made of 100% natural ingredients, there are many other people who are selling this at cheap rates but they are not original. Do not risk your sexual life and health, as choose only our Vimax Pills to get the perfect penis for yourself.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the Vimax Pills, and the herbs are also natural. There is no use of the chemicals and artificial herbs in our pills. This is combination of the attest scientific formula which is now used by millions of the people from the world.

  • 1

    Start Using Vimax Pills

    See the difference in the desire and performance

  • 2


    Increases your stamina effectively after one week of use

  • 3

    Increase in Size

    Your Penis will get bigger in length upto 3inches and in thickness upto 1 inch

  • 4

    Stops Premature Ejaculation

    It stops Premature Ejaculation, gives you the control over your penis

  • 5

    Improves Health

    Makes your penis rock hard, gives confidence and you can have sex upto 3 hours.

Week 1-4 (1 Month Of Use)

You will feel a great result in your penis, as in its size and in its performance, you will start to feel confident in bed again. You will have more erections and will start to last longer in bed. This will help you to satisfy your partner better.


Week 5-8 (2 Months Of Use)

This will show significant result in the appearance of your organ, in its size. Your penis will become long and thicker. Even when you are not erect you can feel the difference in your pants as your penis is thicker and larger in size now. Plus there will be great improvement in your performance and control during bed.


Week 9-12 (3 Months Of Use)

Your erection quality is at its peak now, and you have full control over your body. Your penis size is improved to 1 to 2 inches. The thickness of your penis is also improved to a new level. You can satisfy your partner better in bed now, and you can see the visible difference in your penis.

Your partner will also see and feel the difference while having sex, as not only during sex your penis will be large but without being erect it will also be big. The improvement will be in size and time, your partner will be happy for this. Your sexual activity will be improved a lot


Week 24 (6 Months Of Use)


This package is for those people who are completely destroyed sexually. Who are old, or have no sexual desire or strength. By the help of completing this course you are sure that you will regain your sexual powers, and can please and satisfy your partner in the bed.

This course is suited for you if you are completely sexually destroyed have no performance at all, or if you are 60 years of age. Once you start this course this is very important that you must keep using this in order to ensure

Your partner will also see and feel the difference while having sex, as not only during sex your penis will be large but without being erect it will also be big. The improvement will be in size and time, your partner will be happy for this. Your sexual activity will be improved a lot.




Any Side Effects?

No, Vimax is 100 % natural and is made with the selective herbs and ingredients which mean there is no side effect of these pills. You will only get the benefits of the Vimax Pills.

There are many positive benefits that you can get by the use of these pills as they are perfect solution for getting the best results.

Approved By Canada Medication

The Vimax in Pakistan are approved by the Canada drugs association, which means that it holds the certificate of giving the complete results. It is 100 % effective and there is no side effect. Approximately 1200,000 men are using it, which shows that it is very effective and is the top choice among men. It is the leading men product since 2001.

These pills are also approved and recommended by the FDA, in which we are the only distributor.

Instructions To Use

You can use the Vimax Pills every day. If you want to have better effects of these pills in the start then we recommend that you should take these pills 30 minutes before engaging yourself in the sexual activity, as this will help you and your penis to be ready for the sex. By using this pill you can feel excitement and hotness in your body which will make your penis hard and longer in erections.

Try drinking milk before having this medicine this will improve your performance in bed. The best thing after taking this pill is to play love games with your partner, do romance and foreplay, so that your partner is also excited and you are also hot. This will help in order to enjoyable and better sex. The tip is to make your partner hot and excited for the sex, this also helps for stronger and pleasurable orgasms and climax.

Our aim is to provide the Vimax in Pakistan so that you can have good effects from that.

Home Delivery

We ship our product all over Pakistan, you can order our product anytime and we will deliver this at your home. Your privacy is most important to us, call us on our numbers and ensure the confidentiality. You can avail the home delivery service to any city of Pakistan, we deliver only original Vimax in Pakistan product. We want to make the males confidant and happy in their sexual lives, so pick up your phone call us and place your order. Hurry!

Always Buy The Original Product From Us

Customer Reviews About the Vimax

I was upset of my stamina and control while having sex with my wife. This was the reason of everyday fights and I was upset of this, my married life was at stake. Some friend recommended me these Vimax pills, I completed the 3 month course and I am happy now with the results. I am 45 years old, and my wife is now happy and satisfied every time I come close to her.

Thanks Vimax.

Ali Raza Khan

I was upset, as I was getting married and I knew I lack in the ability of pleasing a woman in bed. I used Vimax for 2 month, I am 35 years old, I am a lawyer I tried many doctors and many medication but none of them worked.

I saw this site as It was claiming money back guarantee and the benefits mentioned were what I was looking for.

This is miracle, I am happy with the results.

Owais Iqbal

Hello, I am Zubair from Lahore , I am 32 years,  and I am newly married the problem why I was facing issues while pleasing my wife was that I had bad society. 

It was fights everyday, and I was upset from this, I loved her and I did not wanted her to leave me. One of my close friends recommended this to me, and I started to use the Vimax pills. I noticed the result within 2 weeks, as my wife was satisfied from me.Now I am using this and see great difference in my stamina and power in bed.

Zubair Siddique

I am 56 year old male, I love life while enjoying it, I was upset of my stamina and performance. Which is why I started to use these Vimax Pills, now I am happy of my stamina and my confidence in the bed.

Zia Ul Deen

Advised by Health Professionals

Our Aim

We want to help males from Pakistan to be better in bed, and gain their confidence while having sex. The sex problems are very common these days, so we want the best to help them. The Vimax in Pakistan Pills are best in order to help the penis to grow in size and help in control over ejaculations. This will also resolve the issue of small penis, as it will help the penis to grow in the size, in its length and in its thickness.

If you have the problem of losing control as you get free before making your partner satisfied then it will help you to increase your stamina and timing while having sex with your partner. This helps for powerful orgasms and climax.